Future CEOs program

Talerang will select high-potential students for the Talvantage program based on their academic and extracurricular record. Initially, we will only be working with certain partner universities, but over time we plan to expand across the nation

  • Transform through 6 leadership and work readiness modules

Talerang will transform its students through a unique experiential curriculum that encompasses both the personal and the public victory (as described by Stephen Covey).

Specifically, in our first two modules students understand what they want from life and career. The modules focus on self-awareness, self-belief, life visioning, lateral thinking and goal setting.

Our next four modules are about actually getting to his/her vision by understanding better and interfacing with the world outside college. They include professionalism, communication and presentation skills (both written and verbal), business ethics, first impressions and etiquette, problem solving, negotiation, resume polishing, interviewing skills and exposure to industry experts and mentors.

  • Connect to internships

Talerang will support its students to get summer internships at partner organizations. The advantages of interning with one of our corporate partners are many.We have a variety of skill tracks.Click here to learn more .

  • Coach on the job

Talerang recognizes the need for students to have professional support during the summer – so that they are comfortable at work and are also a contributing member of the corporate team. In order to do this, we have a special summer curriculum that will be delivered on the weekends during the summer internship. It encompasses technical trainings on PowerPoint and Excel, individual and group coaching on team situations, practice opportunities for presenting work, and sessions on managing upwards.

  • Measure impact and progress

We are developing a one-of-a-kind test that will together assess work-readiness before and after the program. The test will assess not only hard skills like prioritization and problem solving but also soft skills like communication, English pronunciation and emotional maturity and judgment. This will be used to measure impact of our effort and the progress of our students