Moving away from the traditional lecture-driven model of teaching, Talerang empowers the student to drive the class using the flipped classroom method.

We offer experiential training using learning and fun activities (such as off sites) as well as impart real-world knowledge through guest speaker sessions.

The Talerang program follows a 4 step, experiential learning model used at Harvard Business School and modeled on other international best practices used at (USA) and (Middle East). We use pre-work, small group activities, large-group training and homework so that students truly absorb the content and get work-ready!

The idea is to transform you into being work-ready and encourage you to take ownership of your own work, as would be expected of you in the real world.


Self-Awareness and Self-Belief

"Each and every person I interacted with taught me something new about myself and the world" -
Shoumi Mittra, Talerang Alum

Life Vision

"On the journey to becoming work-ready, I learnt who I was, what my principles were and where i wanted to be." -
Aditya Deshpande, Talerang Alum

Perfect Communication

"He is slowly conquering his fear of public speaking and is developing the confidence to share his ideas" -
Sanjay Sharma, Parent of Talerang '14 student of HR College

Working Smart

Priyanka is extremely dedicated, focused and always eager to learn. She is one of the best interns we have had." -
Aleeya Sayed, Foxymoron

First Impressions

"Huzan is extremely professional and an enthusiastic learner." -
Tanushree Bagrodia, CFO, NRB Bearings

Bridge to Career

"Sharmi shares her thoughts and ideas clearly, directly, honestly, and with respect for the team. She is a team player." -
Rachna Chawla, HBS IRC