It’s YOUR life. Are you PREPARED

  • Why you should apply

Get work-ready

Hard skills
Problem solving, Excel and PowerPoint, Business writing, Presentation skills, Prioritization, Job applications (resume and interviewing skills), Business ethics

Soft skills
Self-awareness, Life vision and goal setting, Perfect communication, Professionalism, Grooming and etiquette

Learn from critical feedback and assessment

A variety of tests and feedback sessions to help you better understand your leadership trajectory, work readiness, and performance at the internship.

Access a structured summer internship

The option of an eight-week immersion into a role that matches your skill-set, with the involvement of a manager at the organization and weekly coaching from Talerang.

Option to recover investment

Since we are connecting with companies for paid internships, you will recover the program fees over the summer. In order to ensure our program is affordable to all, we have a loan option that can be repaid when you earn your summer salary, and a scholarship program for students of need.

Interact with experienced industry professionals

Personally engage with mid to senior-level professionals who can help you explore different industries and answer your questions.

Pay affordable prices

Since similar programs in the U.S. cost between $4,500 to $9,500, the goal of Talerang is to provide the same value but at an affordable price that caters to the Indian market.

  • Our unique experiential curriculum will push you and transform you
  • This is not for the weak-hearted – our entire program is intensive and challenging. Be prepared to outperform yourself
  • No lectures, the entire curriculum is learning and growing by actually doing
  • Mandatory reflection submissions are built into each session to ensure that you fully absorb the learning
  • Our pre-program 360 degree survey allows you to receive direct feedback and better understand your strengths and weakness
  • Our unique assessment TALTEST will gauge your work-readiness
  • Launch your career
  • Develop yourself and learn skills beyond your academic curriculum that are critical for work
  • Experience a real work environment
  • Practice skills through tangible projects
  • Learn by interacting with peers, managers and others at work
  • Build your resume and interviewing skills
  • Build your network and your support community
  • Explore an industry that you are curious about
  • Get a full-time offer if you perform well in the summer

Applications are online at, and will be followed by a series of interviews.