Student Journey

“The best part was shedding our fears and throwing them away, I do feel more confident about my abilities now.”

“Being a part of Talerang is not an option, its a necessity!!!”

“I have gained valuable learning from this course and I really thank Talerang for this transformation that I see in myself now.”

My Journey

- Mahima Mehrotra
Jai Hind College, Intern at Percept Communications


Most memorable moment

There are so many memorable moments that took place during those 6 weeks and they can never be forgotten. It's really hard to list just one, however, the first "Life Maps" session at Alibag was definitely an eye opener. We were asked to share our life stories with absolute strangers and I can never forget the life stories of Raunaq and my 4 group members. They were so inspiring and self enriching. I am never going to be able to forget them and will always keep them in mind when faced with a tough challenge in life.

Did the program have an emotional impact on you?

Yes, the program definitely had an emotional impact on me. Each time a person remained absent and didn't show up at class I missed them. Many of our friends couldn't make it for the last session and the dinner that followed and even after just getting to know these people over 6 sessions, some bits definitely felt incomplete. I really miss our Sunday sessions and I can't wait to reunite with everyone for our Talerang Graduation ceremony! :)

Example of the training journey
(from batch 1, Mumbai)

22 students were selected for the Bombay batch from over 160 applications across colleges such as H.R. College, IIT Bombay, St. Xavier’s and Jai Hind.

The first session comprised self-awareness and self-belief. It was conducted at Alibaug, and included guest facilitators such as Anjali Raina, Executive Director, Harvard Business School India Research Centre, and Ankit Samdariya, MBA – Harvard Business School. The day included the milestones activity, along with an HBS case study facilitated by Shveta Raina (Founder and CEO, Talerang).

Week 2 saw the program shift from scenic Alibaug to the more formal H.R. College conference room. The life vision session saw another HBS alumnus and Talerang’s Young Leader’s Panel member Nishant Sharma, co-founder and MD, Kedaara Capital, share his life vision and provide students with a structured manner (personal, professional and societal) to think about their life goals. This was followed by the spoken communication module, with the popular ‘elevator pitch’ activity resulting in students perfecting their “tell me about yourself” responses.

The third session comprised business ethics – through a case study facilitated by Mayank Singhal (MBA - Stanford) and Shveta. This was followed by written communication – as students learnt how to master the art of a professional email given a variety of contexts.

Week 4 comprised two contrasting yet equally important sessions – first impressions and etiquette and problem solving. The first impressions module was conducted by Shuchi Kothari, Founder of, an e-commerce fashion website. She has completed her MBA from HBS, and is on Talerang’s Young Leaders Panel. The key take-away from the session was the personalised feedback provided to the students. Problem solving saw students break into groups and solve a consulting case study, using various techniques such as Edward Debono’s 6 Thinking Hats, the 5 Why’s Analysis and Porter’s 5 Forces.

Week 5 was all about prioritization and goal setting using the SMART goals framework. This was followed by addressing two of the most important skills required for any job – Excel and PowerPoint. The session was facilitated by Aditya Damani, (Director, KM Global Financial Services).

The final day of the Talerang in-class journey included resume-building and interviewing skills, followed by key networking tips. This was followed by a slightly informal networking dinner at Shveta’s house, which saw Nishant Sharma, Shama Dalal (brand manager, L’Oreal – and an ISB and HR College alumnus) and Sinhali Deshpande (Talerang’s lead curriculum designer with over 14 years’ experience) in attendance.

Now that the 6 week training is completed, students move to the second phase of the program. They will do full-time internships with one of organisational partners over the summer. The entire Bombay batch has been placed with companies ranging from the Godrej Group, Percept Communications, Zodius Advisors, Teach for India and Technoserve amongst others. The internships are highly specific and structured, matched to the skills of students. Talerang will provide students with weekly coaching over the summer, to ensure maximum efficiency of the students over the course of the internship.

The internship

Post class-room training for 6 weeks (alongside college), students transition to Talerang partner organizations for paid summer internships at which time they have the practical exposure that completes their training and makes them work-ready. 100 percent of the students who had been selected for the internship program were offered internships. Our students worked at the Aditya Birla Group, Godrej Group, Percept Communications, Zodius Advisors, Teach for India and Technoserve. Students have completed defined projects and many have been called back for full-time hiring opportunities at partner organizations. 

Additionally, students received a 2-hour coaching over 6 weeks to help them improve their performance during the internship. First, students learned to prioritize and set deadlines for their deliverables by creating an execution plan. They learned to build better connections at work and practice the art of networking, and expand their knowledge of Excel functions through creating financial models. Furthermore, students learned to be tactful while addressing sticky situations at work, and measure and communicate the impact of their summer experience through exit conversations, feedback conversations with the manager, and their resumes. Lastly, students captured their summer learning and reflected on their performance to learn and grow from their mistakes.

Having completed the work-readiness training, internship and weekly coaching, our students are ready to take on their professional careers!

“During the course of my internship I learnt a lot of lessons. Some were from experience and others from useful advice that I was given. I learnt my first lesson in the first few hours itself. I began working on a project task without a detailed plan, which was imperative as any interested party could track my progress and the plan would serve as an indicator of where I stood.

The second important lesson was my personal development – I matured over the internship, as I learned to work like a professional at a real job. The fear of having to face that transition is now nullified.

The third lesson – learning about understanding the organizational spirit and innovating at work – will stay with me for life. At its core, SOIL is a ‘business school with a difference,’ and this spirit is deeply embedded in the work environment and culture. SOIL has showed me that you can find avenues that suit your beliefs and where you can make a positive change.”

- Darshanam Jude Lama
St. Stephen’s College, Intern at School of Inspired Leadership

“Firstly, and most importantly I saw my manager as a role model and drew inspiration from him. He gave a lot of importance to precision and attention to details. Looking at him inspired me to be dedicated to whatever I am doing in life, and do it well.

Another thing I gained was a sense of enthusiasm for what I was doing. Every day I learned something new and interesting that would make me think. My knowledge increased, and I gained insights that sparked ideas and questions in my mind.

After having such an amazing journey through the internship, I realised that the journey itself marked a destination in my life map. I not only developed my professional skills, but also developed as a human being and learned things about myself.”

- Sachi Pamnani
H R College of Commerce, Intern at Zodius and Zyfin

The three things I learned at my internship:

  • Teamwork - Individual efforts aside, teamwork is as essential as your own work. The organization is a team where everyone works for a similar purpose
  • Optimism - Staying an optimist strengthens your team’s faith in you. They believe that you can find a solution to any problem.
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone - The corporate world is a place where one has to make a mark by oneself. I found myself grappling with phone calls to South Africa, putting forth my point in a diplomatic manner. I learnt to modify my manner of speaking, as I was speaking to professionals.”
- Sejal Maheshwari
St. Xavier’s College, Intern at Zensar Technologies

“The 1 week intensive training program at Talerang helped me revise my emails, presentations and reports, and interact with senior level people at my internship. The e-mail training helped me, as my work required me to be in constant contact with my seniors for upcoming meets and activities. While making my project presentation, I remembered everything that Raunaq had taught us about keeping the presentation simple and concise, and using the Pyramid Principle. The elevator pitch helped interact with others, as I incidentally had to do introduce myself to people in the elevator 2-3 times.”

- Aman Sidana
Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Intern at UltraTech Cement (Aditya Birla Group)