Student Speak

Gaurav Navani

HR College of Commerce, Mumbai. Intern at NRB Bearings.

During my internship at NRB Bearings, I was given different projects to work on, primarily in Finance. Within such a short period of time, I have learnt a lot about the Finance sector! From handling massive data sheets on MS Excel to analyzing the financial statements from an investor’s perspective, this internship has taught me a lot! If I had to pick the best moment, it would be the time when I got a job offer from the CFO of NRB Bearings within 2 weeks of my internship! I feel extremely confident. I have finally found what I love to do!

Natasha Chugh

Ramanujan College, New Delhi. Intern at RepIndia.

Having interned with RepIndia, I can confidently say that there was hardly any day that was uneventful. Since I was working on a lot of different projects and not just one, I have different immediate managers guiding me throughout for each of the different accounts. I started by assisting my Account Managers for various projects in the field of research, creating presentations. I’ve learned a lot during this internship: about the digital industry, various kinds of ads and promotional tools, the importance of social media presence and work-prioritization. Thanks to Talerang for providing me with this lovely opportunity. It helped me learn how much I love handling the creative side of things!

Rashi Chandhok

Christ University, Bangalore. Intern at Talerang.

As a Social Media Marketing intern at Talerang, some key responsibilities included creating posts for Talerang’s Facebook page, research about how to start engaging with people on Twitter/Instagram, where Talerang had started to establish their social media presence sometime during my internship. Additionally, I had to come up with creative ideas to promote Talerang like quizzes, contests, etc. I was really fortunate to have managers who were very involved in my work! We had a regular morning check-in where they allotted me work for the day. Through this internship, I learnt how Social Media Marketing works in an actual corporate setup. The best habit I am taking away from my internship with Talerang is to create an Execution Plan for all my work which actually enables me to finish all my goals before the deadline!

Shibika Bose

Christ University, Bangalore. Intern at The Aditya Birla Group.

As a second year student doing a Sales internship at The Aditya Birla Group, I have learnt a lot! Starting from strategizing to making pitch-in report to companies, I have grown as an individual. This internship has also helped me improve the quality of my PowerPoint presentations. I am presently working with the Corporate Sales department under Mr. Amit Shekhar Nayak (Sales Manager), who has been a very supportive mentor.

I plan out strategies as to how to tie-up with other companies. I am responsible for making presentations and reports on how to make a pitch in to other companies for an alliance.  Thank you Talerang for giving me the opportunity to explore the world of Sales and Marketing through such a well structured internship!

Rhidam Shrivastava

YMCA University of Science and Technology, New Delhi. Intern at Bottega di Lungavita.

During Talerang’s Immersion Program, I had chosen Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Business Operations as my preferred skill-tracks. At Bottega, I’m learning about all of them in a very structured manner right from the basics! I am currently working with 3 companies: Wizaman Impex Pvt Ltd, Bottega di Lungavita and LaSplash India. With Wizaman, which deals in pharmaceuticals, my work is to be the mediator between the Swiss and Korean companies. With Bottega, which deals in natural cosmetics, I am learning about various marketing skills, website design and external communications. With LASplash, which has launched very recently, I am learning about how to set up a completely new business, steps to be taken prior to a dynamic launch etc. Additionally, there are many soft skills needed in the corporate world, which I’m learning through this internship. Thank you so much for this diverse internship opportunity, Talerang!

Madhusha Bhati

Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. Intern at Virtuous Retail.

While interning with Virtuous Retail’s Marketing team, my area of work primarily included preparing marketing strategies and taking care of the internal brandings on the grand launch of VR Bengaluru. My immediate manager, Ms. Ankita Kothari, was a fabulous mentor and I share a very friendly relationship with her. The worst moment during my internship would have to be the time I was leaving! Virtuous Retail is the only company I've been a part of so closely and working with them was a lot of fun. I've grown as a person here and have taken back more than I can say.

Sunny Soni

IIT Bombay, Mumbai. Intern at Harvard Business School India Research Centre.

Some of my projects as a Research intern at HBS India Research Centre include background history, missions, achievements and details on ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), Mutual Funds market in India and a brief description about DSP BlackRock. Best thing about the internship would have to be the awesome work environment! Everyone was extremely welcoming at the office. We had our meals together, which helped us bond as a team. My key learning points: Corporate experience, focus on quality rather than quantity, professionalism by meeting deadlines and staying in touch with fellow researchers on a daily basis. Thank you Talerang for this lovely experience!

Kripali Agarwal

Dyal Singh College, New Delhi. Intern at Handyland.

As a Strategy intern at Handyland, I’m primarily managing the company’s social media interaction on Facebook, Quora and other such platforms, where we can interact with people to understand their needs and demands from the industry we operate in, thereby taking one step at a time to strategize a prospective new service that Handyland can offer to its clients. It has barely been a week and I’m already doing things out of my comfort zone! I’m learning new tech terms, new platforms to work on. Moreover, while my manager was guiding me through our strategy goals, I learnt how important it is to stick to one agenda at a time and to put all your focus toward one direction, rather than trying to reach multiple destinations simultaneously, which just results in less productivity. I hope to learn a lot more during the course of my internship with Handyland!

Anushka Massand

Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, Pune. Intern at JetSynthesys.

Since I’m pursuing my B.Com Hons in Banking & Finance, doing a Business Operations internship with JetSynthesys made perfect sense. During the course of my internship, I have researched every domain that the company works in. Since my college started earlier than expected this summer, I realized that I could understand the textual concepts much better! I’m glad I got this particular internship this summer because now I know I won’t be stepping into unchartered waters immediately after my graduation.

Aditi Das

Christ University, Bangalore. Intern at Virtuous Retail.

I'm in charge of Marketing and Business Operations at Waverly Hotel and Residences, which is a part of VR Bengaluru. Additionally, I was also required to coordinate with their Mumbai and Bangalore marketing agencies for the incorporation of various items such as their brochures and pricing. I have also been asked to come up with branding ideas for the microbrewery and am involved with the social media campaign too!

Gurkirat Dheer

Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. Intern at Health and Glow.

As an intern at Health and Glow, my work essentially comprised of a research project on consumer behavior. My main work was to understand the consumer needs for the e-commerce environment. It is great to work on something that is so realistic and impactful! My relationship with my manager is extremely good! He is very approachable and helps all of us at each and every step. I feel really lucky to have got this practical experience which wouldn’t have been possible without Talerang’s efforts!

Mehlam Murtaza Bombaywala

RV College of Engineering, Bangalore. Intern at The Aditya Birla Group.

Although my internship was for a short period of time, I felt really involved with the company. My mentor’s guidance was more than useful in helping me understand and complete the task. I received help not only from my supervisor, but also from Mr. Azaruddin DM (Brand and Merchandise team) who clarified all my doubts in Excel. It was a great honour working with such a well-functioning start-up as I got to experience a variety of things, which would not have been possible elsewhere. The work environment was so comfortable that it did not take long to get accustomed to the work life. Thank you for this lovely opportunity, Talerang!

Nishta Shri

Christ University, Bangalore. Intern at Health and Glow.

As an intern at Health and Glow, I’m working in research on consumer behaviour and expectations. I learnt how to move to the next step in an existing business setup. Here the company is moving into e-commerce from the existing brick and mortar outlets. I have gained a lot of knowledge through this internship. I sincerely thank Talerang for this opportunity given to me!

Anushka Shah

Jai Hind College, Mumbai. Intern at MyGlamm Studio.

During my internship with MyGlamm, I worked on retail alliances and and franchisee acquisitions, both of which were primarily handled by the Marketing team. This internship helped me sharpen my MS Excel skills, communication skills and helped me look at situations from a much more strategic standpoint. My relationship with my assistant managers is very interactive. This internship helped me realize how much information is gathered across verticals before a decision is taken in the corporate world. Thank you Talerang!

Shubhangi Mehrotra

HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. Intern at ICICI Prudential.

Interning with ICICI Prudential was an awesome experience! I was working on a human resources / research project which was based on attrition analysis and retention policies for frontline sales employees. My internship taught me the importance of time management and meeting deadlines. I consider myself fortunate to have been able to experience and witness the functioning of the leading private sector Life Insurance company in India! Thank you Talerang!

Akshat Adani

HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. Intern at Dr. Vaidyas.

Interning with Dr. Vaidyas was an enriching experience for me! I have been working on multiple projects in the field of Business Development, Marketing and Sales. I believe Dr. Vaidyas is a great place to learn as there is a high degree of exchange in knowledge, both with fellow interns and superiors. I have learnt about team building & coordination. I have also realised the importance of the role played by the leader in the organisation. Additionally, my relationship with my manager was extremely good. He was always ready to clear my doubts and hear my opinion. Thank you Talerang for this awesome experience!

Ritu Joshi

HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. Intern at The Aditya Birla Group.

My internship at The Aditya Birla Group was an incredible experience! One of the projects I am working on presently is a Franchise Proposal (a document stating market analysis, feasibility and scope) for a client who wishes to open a franchise across the country. This has already been approved by my manager and will be forwarded to the client soon! This internship gave me the corporate exposure that I desperately needed and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Aditya Birla Group.

Harshit Garg

Christ University, Bangalore. Intern at Global Health Strategies.

During my time as a research intern at Global Health Strategies, I was working on cervical cancer- researching about what’s new in the field, what can help us grow and how we can improve the quality of the projects we are working on.

I'm taking an amazing experience and some beautiful memories with me! I learned what working in a team is all about and how professionalism matters in a corporate environment. Having said that, what is refreshing to see is that at the end of a stressful day, everybody sits and laughs on a well formed pun. I got to learn about a completely new field to me, Health Economics. It has been a great journey.

Shobhit Chandak

Christ University, Bangalore. Intern at NRB Bearings.

As a Business Operations Intern at NRB Bearings, my tasks are related to SCM - warehouse analysis, CBA formulation, tool and packaging analysis. I learnt a lot through my internship - working in a professional and corporate surrounding, patience, commitment and loyalty to the job. Moreover, I learnt how to route work and all thanks to Talerang, I’m much better positioned as far as work-readiness is concerned!

Sakshina Bhatt

Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. Intern at Harvard Business School India Research Centre.

The best moment during my internship would be when everyone sits in the cafeteria for lunch and discusses almost everything under the sun. There is a lot to learn from everyone here. I have learnt to sieve relevant information and the importance of effective communication, alongside adopting a completely professional approach. Learning towards my interests and being professional at the same time feels great!

Zainab Khorakiwala

FLAME University, Pune. Intern at Asia Society.

As a Research intern at Asia Society, my work is mainly focused on background research for various events that Asia Society organizes. I have worked on multiple research-based projects pertaining to public and private health events. If I had to pick one, my favourite project would have to be the one during which I was required to prepare the calendar of events for Art exhibitions. It involved a fair bit of Research, Creativity and Technical knowledge, all of which were required to generate a good piece of work. I mentioned this project specifically because it was challenging. It involved radical thinking and critical judgment as to which art exhibitions to pick among an array of exhibitions taking place in Mumbai.

Sai Krishna

Christ University, Bangalore. Intern at The Waverly.

The Waverly Hotel & Residences, which is a part of VR Bengaluru, is a newly established hotel with whom I’m interning as a marketing / business operations intern. Some of my duties include ascertaining the collaterals required, getting them approved and making sure they get printed and put up. I also coordinate with their marketing agencies in Mumbai and Bangalore for the incorporation of various items such as their brochures and pricing. I have also been working on branding ideas for the microbrewery and I’m involved with the social media campaign as well! I have learnt that the current job scenario is not the mundane 9-5 job. Your job will be dynamic and you need to adapt rapidly or will not be able to cope with the pressure of the job!

Aman Nangalia

Manipal Institute of Technology. Intern at NRB Bearings.

My internship with NRB Bearings has proved to be extremely informative and fun! I am currently working on designing the UI for a mobile application. The best moment during my internship would have to be the time when my manager liked a particular animation, that I’d spent a lot of time trying to design, during a presentation. Some of the things that I learnt during my internship are designing the UI for a mobile application from scratch, creating & handling reports in MS Excel and working in teams!

Simran Saini

Ramjas College, New Delhi. Intern at Index Travels.

My internship at Index Travels has been extremely informative! I couldn't have asked for a more fitting internship. My manager is extremely helpful and guides me at every step. I'm working on a lot of new things at Index Travels, such as e-marketing and research, which wouldn't have been the case if I had not opted for Talerang's Immersion Program. Thank you Talerang!

Sankalp Shanker

Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi. Intern at Healthskool.

At Healthskool, I’m working on a business expansion project which is primarily focused on the company’s Medclub project, which is an online subscription-based medicine delivery system at peoples’ doorsteps. This internship taught me that almost every task at every major company requires a fair amount of ground work- you need to get your hands dirty in order to satisfactorily complete a given project. Additionally, I learnt that one needs to always remain optimistic and never be judgemental about any task being assigned.

Shreyansh Agrawal

Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi. Intern at Aspiring Minds.

During my time as an intern with the program management team of Aspiring Minds, my work revolved around email marketing and affiliate marketing for the first couple of weeks. Out of the various suggestions that I gave in my strategic report for their email marketing techniques, some have already been implemented! The entire team at Aspiring Minds was very welcoming and extremely friendly, especially my reporting managers, with whom I have a very good relationship! Thank you Talerang for this lovely experience!

Paritosh Jehangir Palkhivala

McDaniel College, Mumbai. Intern with Shama Dalal.

As an intern under Ms. Shama Dalal, I have been working on a number of projects including an in-depth website evaluation and competitor analysis for LIC Mutual Funds, along with a 360 degree marketing plan for an HR initiative launched by them. Ms. Shama Dalal is my direct boss and I’m learning a lot from her! The best moment during my internship would have to be the time when Ms. Shama took one of my presentations to a client and told me that they really enjoyed it and spent a lot of time going through it! I have learnt a lot about Mutual Funds and Marketing (both in theory and practice) through this internship.

Saurabh Chopra

IIT BHU, Varanasi. Intern at Nestopia.

I have an open, cordial relationship with my manager. He helps me out with all the queries I might have. I have learnt how to behave in a professional setting and maintain composure during times of work-related pressure. Thank you Talerang!