Dear Parent,

Companies are looking for freshers who are prepared to face the challenges of the workplace right from day one of joining the job. Millions of academically bright students graduate every year. However, a bachelor’s degree no longer guarantees a job or professional success at the workplace. We call this gap – between what colleges teach and what companies look for – the work-readiness gap.

Talerang helps your child bridge the gap. We make the campus-to-career transition easier through our immersion program, Talvantage. We help your child through two key stages of work-readiness, i.e., applying for a job and performing successfully at the workplace.

Applying for a job:
  • Resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Cover letter
  • Interviewing skills
Performing successfully at the workplace:
  • Hard skills: Excel and PowerPoint, Business writing, Problem solving, Presentation skills, Prioritization, Business ethics
  • Soft skills: Self-awareness and self-belief, Life vision and goal setting, Perfect communication, Professionalism, Grooming and etiquette

To maximize your child’s learning, our experiential curriculum incorporates problem solving using HBS and consulting cases, encourages peer-to-peer interaction, and supports students through personalized mentorship, regular feedback and coaching.

Additionally, Talerang provides students with the opportunity to complete a 2-month work internship with our partner organizations. Students can practice and develop the skills gained in-class by working on projects that add value to the organization.

We have seen our former students grow immensely during the training program and hone their professional skills in the internship, and promise the same for your child. Students leave our program more confident and proactive to face challenges at the workplace.

Shveta Raina
Founder and CEO, Talerang

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