Parent Feedback


"I am very happy that Aanchal could be a part of Talerang’s Future CEOs Program. Aanchal has become well aware of the reality of the corporate world after enrolling in the Program. I am very thankful to Talerang."

- Mrs. Divya Makwani
(Aanchal’s mother)

"My son has started to understand business after Talerang’s Future CEOs Program, which is one of the greatest qualities of a CEO. Akshat has become punctual and understands the value of time. Interning with Dr. Vaidyas was an enriching experience for my son as he learnt about team building. He has become a true leader through his experiences with Talerang and Dr. Vaidyas."

- Mr. Ashwin Adanii
(Akshat’s father)

"Akshay had a great experience with Talerang and was overwhelmed with the Future CEOs program."

- Isha Madan
(Akshay’s mother)

"Through the Talerang program, Aman now has helpful insights into the corporate world. Through his internship at NRB Bearings, Aman has a better idea about how the work world functions. He was appreciated for his work by his manager which helped him grow as a person. I am thankful to Talerang for training Aman on resume building as he is now aware of what a perfect resume looks like! He is now able to present himself with confidence and has learnt dining etiquettes, which are important not only in professional life but also in the personal sphere."

- Mrs. Sneha Nangalia
(Aman’s mother)

"There is a visible boost in Anushka’s confidence level after attending Talerang’s Future CEOs Program. Her communication skills have improved immensely and she learned how business decisions are made during her internship at MyGlamm Studio. Her internship also helped her look at situations from a more strategic standpoint. I am happy that she could grab this opportunity!"

- Jatin Shah
(Anushka’s father)


"Prevy has become very confident after attending the Talerang program. Her communication skills have improved and she is now able to talk to people with conviction. Her presentation skills have improved and I am very happy and satisfied with the program as a whole!"

- Mrs. Lata Parekh
(Prevy’s mother)

"After participating in the Future CEOs Program in Pune, Sanaaya has become more appreciative towards work life. She learnt how to be more productive and how to present herself at her workplace. My daughter is very dedicated towards her internship at JetSynthesys and this is something she has learned from Talerang."

- Mr. Rajesh Kurup
(Sanaaya’s father)

"I have seen many positive changes in Surbhi after attending Talerang’s Future CEOs Program. She has a clearer knowledge about work tools like Excel, which was extremely beneficial during her internship at Bottega Di Lungavita. With the Program’s grooming module she has become aware about professional dress sense. "

- Mr. Alok Lodha
(Surbhi’s father)

"I am extremely satisfied with Talerang’s Future CEOs program. Tharikha has learnt how to build connections at the workplace, which is an important skill to possess. She has become more confident about her abilities and talents while interning with Talerang. She does her work responsibly."

- Mrs. Madhubala
(Tharikha’s mother)

"There is a major improvement in Zainab’s confidence. She took ownership of all the projects assigned to her during her internship at Asia Society and is ready to face challenges at her work place. I have seen a massive growth in her personality! Zainab has become more curious and enthusiastic at work. Her radical thinking and critical judgement abilities have evolved immensely through her internship."

- Mrs. Alifiya Khorakiwala
(Zainab’s mother)

"Kashvi was very satisfied with the Future CEOs Program. I am happy she got this opportunity to learn new things and develop her skills with Talerang. I am excited to see my daughter interning with one of Talerang’s corporate partners next year!"

- Mrs. Varsha Mansukhani
(Kashvi’s mother)


"Aashima was extremely happy with what the Future CEOs Program offered her. She feels more confident about herself. She is currently working on her project sincerely. She wants to give her best at the internship at Talerang. I am happy that she is involved with Talerang as she is giving back what she has learnt through the program."

- Mrs. Sabina Dhiman
(Aashima’s mother)

"I am happy that my daughter, Anjali did the program. She has become more confident which has helped develop her personality."

- Mrs. Nutan
(Anjali’s mother)

"Ashmeet is ready to face the world after the Future CEOs Program and has built her confidence level above par. The Program has helped shape her personality the correct way!"

- Mr. Gurdeep Singh
(Ashmeet’s father)

"I am really thankful to Talerang for offering the Future CEOs Program to my daughter. Eshani has become work ready and is out of her cocoon! The Talerang experience has opened up a new world for her through her internship at SOIL Consulting. She has become more self-confident and aware of how to write an email, how to dress in a professional setting and most importantly how to prioritize her work."

- Mrs. Meenakshi Jain
(Eshani’s mother)

"Harshita’s confidence reached another level which has immensely grown her as a person. Her personality has changed giving her the confidence and courage to face the world outside college. I am extremely happy with the program! She was rated the most work-ready intern at Harvard Business School India Research Center and rewarded for the same at Talerang’s graduation ceremony. I am proud of her and thankful to Talerang."

- Mrs. Sudha Sinha
(Harshita’s mother)

"My son, Sankalp was thrilled to be a part of Talerang’s Future CEOs program and has learnt a lot during the training sessions. The entire Talerang team was brilliant! He has learned to be optimistic through his internship at Healthskool where he worked on a business expansion project."

- Mrs. Anjana Gupta
(Sankalp’s mother)

Shreyansh's mother said that he is more confident now. He has a clear vision of what he wants in the future. He is happy that he got to learn a lot through Talerang’s Future CEOs Program. "He feels more confident about himself after the program. He is aware of his short term and long term goals. It gives me a sense of satisfaction seeing him learn new things. During his internship at Aspiring Minds, Shreyansh has improved his written communication skills. Aspiring Minds was extremely friendly and welcomed him on board with open arms! "

- Mrs. Priti Agarwal
(Shreyansh’s mother)


"Aditi has learnt many new things that will help her not only in her professional life but also in her personal life. She has become self- confident and self- reliant. She is happy about her internship and thoroughly enjoys working at Virtuous Retail. She was handling marketing and business operations at Waverly Hotel and Residences, through which which she has learned various skills."

- Mr. Ajay Das
(Aditi’s father)

"Aditya seemed glad to be a part of the Future CEOs Program. He has become much more confident as a person and has learnt to present himself better. He has adhered to a sense of responsibility when it comes to punctuality through the program and his internship at"

- Mr. Raj Mall
(Aditya’s father)

"I found the hospitality rendered by Talerang very intriguing, especially the lectures addressed by the guests as well as the Talerang speakers. These lectures were of immense help. Being a father, I was happy to see my daughter grow into a confident woman, as she planned out strategies for the Aditya Birla Group to tie up with other companies. I would like to wish the entire Talerang team best of luck. I think Talerang has taken an extremely thoughtful initiative to help students bridge the gap existing between college and the professional work environment. I would be happy to see Talerang establish an office in Kolkata!"

- Mr. Sandeep Bose
(Shibika’s father)

"Digvijay has found a sense of direction in life after the training and has imbibed the corporate culture from Talerang into his own lifestyle which is appreciable. With his internship at Eros Labs, he lived a good blend of his professional life and passion and was always appreciated for his work. I would like to appreciate what Talerang is doing and wish you best of luck for all your endeavours!"

- Mr. P.P. Goswami
(Digvijay’s father)

"Talerang’s Future CEOs program has taught my son the ethics of an office environment. He has learnt the value of hard work. I was very happy to know the appreciation Sai had received at his workplace. Talerang has assured me that Sai will continue to work hard his entire life, no matter what work he's doing. Through his internship at the Waverly Hotel and Residences, I have seen him grow into a confident man. He has learnt to be dynamic at work and is able to cope with the work-related pressure."

- Mrs. Madhavi
(Sai’s mother)

"I have observed many changes in Siddharth. He has considerably improved in communicating with people. His people skills are developing which gives me a sense of pride. After doing the Talerang program, Siddharth is able to manage his time systematically which has helped him work faster and smarter."

- Mrs.Manjula
(Siddharth’s mother)

"Aditya has become confident which is visible in his personality. I am happy and satisfied with Talerang as he spoke very highly about the program and has learnt a lot through his internship at Virtuous Retail. I am glad that Aditya had applied for the course. After completing the program, my son can easily solve complex issues that he used to find difficult earlier. He is also able to manage his time effectively which is reflected in his work."

- Mrs. Seema Agarwal
(Aditya’s mother)

"I am very satisfied with Talerang. My daughter, Nishta is extremely happy that she got the opportunity to do the program and her achievements have made me proud as a father! I was thrilled to know that Nishta was connected to Health and Glow for her internship and that she had a great learning experience. She has learned to solve problems, manage human resources and has gained insights to ecommerce through her internship."

- Mr. Srinivasan
(Nishta’s father)

"After completing Talerang's Future CEOs Program and her internship at Aditya Birla Group in Mumbai, my daughter is able to manage her work independently. She is able to face the challenges in the new city and at work courageously and has learnt to prepare herself well for any situation. I am very satisfied with the training she has received at Talerang."

- Mr. Kishore Pahuja
(Mahima’s father)

"I am glad that my son was a part of Talerang's Future CEOs program. Through his internship at NRB Bearings, he has a much better understanding of the mechanisms of the corporate world. The program has instilled many positive changes in him and has shaped his personality for the world outside college."

- Mrs. Swati Chandak
(Shobhit’s mother)