• Does the work-readiness crisis really exist?

To learn more about the work-readiness crisis, you can read our research on the topic.

  • Why Talerang?

Talerang’s training gives students the tools to master skills required in any entry-level job, regardless of industry and job description. This training provides your child the confidence to ease into his/ her role within the span of a few weeks. Having mastered the basic skills, your child can concentrate on performing his/ her tasks better rather than learn the ropes over a few months.

Talerang provides students exposure to Indian corporate culture through a specific, structured and supported internship. The internship provides students the opportunity to explore career choices and hone their skills through personalized feedback and coaching.

  • My child is confused about his / her career path and needs career counselling not an internship. How do you think this will help?

Talerang believes that the cornerstone of leadership is to understand one’s strengths and to improve upon one’s development areas. For your child, this belief directly translates into identifying the careers that match his/ her skill-set, and exploring a potential career through a work internship. We have had students who have found their true calling during the course of our training and the internships we connected them to. They claimed to be confused before joining our training Program and emerged much more confident, well-informed and work-ready.

  • My child is going to join the family business. He doesn’t need a work-readiness program

We provide your child with the tools required for any job or business, regardless of industry and job description. Your child will ease into his/ her role in the family business with greater ease and confidence, having mastered the basic skills needed to succeed in a corporate environment.

  • I don't think my child needs to go through your training program. Can he/ she apply just for the internship?

No. We are a work-readiness project and we strongly urge all our students to be a part of our training Program before we connect them to internships

  • What happens if my child is not content with the internship you connect him/ her to? Is the money refunded?

If the internship your child is connected to is not relevant to his/ her preferred skill-track and does not include a paid component, our placements team will address the matter and offer your child something more relevant and structured during the winter/ next summer. We apologize for the inconvenience caused

  • What is the cost of the program?

The program costs Rs. 20,000* including the training and the internship opportunity. Students recover this investment by receiving a paid stipend from the partner organization. In order to ensure our program is affordable to all, we have a deferred payment option that can be repaid when your child earns a summer salary, and a scholarship program for students of need.

Application and Selection Process

  • Whom should I contact if I have any concerns /complaints regarding the training/ internship?

For queries related to trainings, you may contact Apurva:apurva@talerang.com
For queries related to internships, you may contact Kshitij:kshitij@talerang.com

  • How does the scholarship process work? What is need-blind?

Students first need to clear our full selection process and then will be automatically accepted into our program irrespective of whether or not they can pay. Once selected, students requiring financial aid will go through an additional interview round. Based on this interview, and our assessment of the student's financial need, he or she will be eligible for deferred payment options, as well part or full scholarships. Financial Aid is offered in the form of scholarships or a deferred payment option. These are awarded based on need and merit and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


  • My child already possesses excellent communication skills. How will your training help him?

Our training program is not limited to communications training. It includes:

  • Components from Harvard Business School's case studies
  • Proficient training modules on MS Excel and PowerPoint
  • Sessions on how to polish your Business Ethics and First Impressions
  • Problem solving modules
  • Resume polishing sessions and Interview training
  • Exposure to Industry experts and mentors
  • What does the training include?

The training covers the following 6 modules:

  • Self-awareness and self-belief
  • Life Vision
  • Perfect Communication
  • Working smart
  • First impressions
  • Bridge to career

Learn more here.


  • Why do internships matter?

Internships give you practical exposure to a field, the liberty to find what you love by trying it out on a temporary basis, the opportunity to convert your internship into a full-time job, a sneak-peek into the corporate work environment and a platform to build networks and maintain connections for the rest of your life! You can read more about the importance of internships here.

  • What if it's not a big brand internship, will it still help? Does Talerang provide big-brand internships?

While we do have a healthy mix of reputed firms and startups in our list of organizational partners, we cannot guarantee an internship at a specific organization to any student. A student is connected to a company purely on the basis of his/her preferred skill-tracks and the requirements of the company.

  • How is this internship going to be any different than the internships that we can get elsewhere?

The internship we connect your child to would be well-structured, properly managed and diligently followed up on by Talerang employees and the company

*Inclusive of all taxes