Internship Feedback

“Sanjana has demonstrated a professional approach, and she requires little supervision. Working with her has been a pleasure.”

- Rachna Chawla (HBS IRC) on Sanjana Jhawar (Jai Hind College)

“Despite her lack of experience she (Sachi) was quick to learn and maintain a great turnaround time. She is open to new concepts and comfortably acclimatizes herself to new situations.”

- Debopam Chaudhuri (Zyfin) on Sachi Pamnani (H R College)

“She (Sanya) seems to have all the prowess that is required. When she was assigned the task of revamp and review of website, her suggestions were worth consideration. My overall opinion of her is she is above expectation.”

- Deepti Gaur (Accentium) on Sanya Garg (H R College)

“Niraj is a quick learner, has a sharp mind and a positive attitude.”

- Shailesh Deshpande (Godrej Group) on Niraj Chitnis (St. Xavier’s College)