Talerang Online - Overview

Talerang Online is an omni-platform which provides one common platform for Students and Industry Experts to connect with each other. It comprises of 4 broad sub-sections:

Work-Readiness Aptitude Predictor

A detailed online test which predicts your work-readiness aptitude. It is a percentile based work-readiness test with a mentorship and feedback session. If you're confused about what path to take after college, this test will help you realize your strengths, development areas and motivating factors. Get a clear vision of where you stand by taking this test. You can also schedule a mentoring session with us! This will test your self-awareness, problem-solving ability and preparation, thereby measuring your aptitude for the job that you will be a good fit for.

Mock interviews and Online training

Mock interviews are an investment for the future. They not only help you crack an interview at your dream company, but also help you realise your potential and prepare better for the big day.

Get personalised interview sessions with experts from our panel and undergo a version of the Talerang Transformation online! Are you work-ready? Let us help you find out!


View your dashboard, see your scores, evaluate your performance and compare your scores with your friends' scores! The Dashboard will tell you how work-ready you are based on your scores, thus giving you a chance to improve your performance.

Industry Connect

Talerang Online provides a platform for all students to connect with Industry Experts for internships and full-time opportunities.

Talerang's mission is to create work-ready graduates for India, through a unique, experiential model researched as a project at Harvard Business School. We prepare Gen Z for their careers and match them to jobs of the future. Our vision is to impact 20 million students by 2020 and make them work-ready.