Future CEOs program

The vision for the Future CEOs Program (previously known as Work-Immersion Program) is to create a pipeline of work-ready talent for India’s organizations (for-profit, non-profit or government). We believe that this is critical for our economic progress and overall effectiveness as a nation.

As a student, what’s in it for you? Talerang's association with the student allows for their holistic development into a work-ready candidate, excited to take on the world!

  • Confidence to drive your career path

The idea behind Talerang’s Future CEO Program is to empower you to better Know Yourself, so that you can adequately Prepare Yourself, and then Prove Yourself in a career that is meaningful to you. As such, there is no right or wrong path for you. We equip you with all the information and advice to make the right decision and drive your own career.

  • Quality work-readiness training

Talerang brings in a wide range of work-ready individuals to get you up to speed on the basics of work-readiness. Our facilitators go through a rigorous certification process before they can run a batch independently. Our young leader’s panel and guest speakers bring in vast experience from different spheres of life. Our 6 step transformation is designed to help you Know Yourself, Prepare Yourself and then Prove Yourself at the work-world.

  • Community of Future CEOs

Talerang hand-picks students for this program. You will learn from not just your facilitators, but also your peers. Previously, we have had college toppers, national level swimmers, published authors, young entrepreneurs and impressive orators in our class. Our cohorts have become close confidantes and friends and remained in touch.

  • Experiential curriculum and wide-spread exposure

At Talerang, we believe that lecture and rote learning is ineffective, especially when learning skills such as leadership, problem solving, communication and team-work. Our curriculum is designed to make you pro-active, punctual, confident and effective at work. Our curriculum incorporates global best practices such as Harvard cases, projects, outdoor activities and team-work

  • Work immersion (internship) opportunity

Talerang has the support of 150 corporates who are excited to bring you on for a summer internship after you have completed our initial training. These corporates will provide you with an internship letter once you have completed your experience with them. We believe that this is a valuable sign-off from the company that you are truly work-ready. The internship is for 400 hours (6-8 weeks) during the summer break. While many students choose not to do internships, exemplary performance during the internship is required for receiving Distinction from our program.

  • Exposure to Harvard cases, books and methodology

Talerang uses Harvard Business School cases to teach. We also use the 4 step learning model (pre-work, small group discussion, large group discussion and reflection). For the initial work-readiness training, there is a total of 30 hours of pre-work, in-class training of 30 hours and a live project for 40 hours.

  • Dedicated mentors

Talerang assigns an alumni mentor to each selected Future CEO in order to guide them through their work-readiness journey. These mentors have been in your shoes just a few years ago, and are supported by the Talerang team to coach you through any questions - small or big that you might have! Alumni mentors submit a report to Talerang periodically so we are updated about any burning questions or concerns. Additionally, the team takes out time to mentor our students and ensure they are making the career choices that are right for them.

  • Work-readiness Assessments

We have developed a unique set of work-readiness assessments which capture your strengths and areas of improvement - both on skill and fit. Our research has shown that students that scored well on our assessment have gone on to succeed in their placements as well. We believe that by quantifying and understanding your areas of development you will be a step ahead in preparing for your interviews and jobs!

  • Personalized feedback and coaching

Talerang believes that each student’s journey is different. We will provide you with multiple rounds of feedback during the program on your work-readiness. Specifically, your communication skills and professionalism will be honed during the program. We will also convey feedback from the company to you - both strengths your displayed and areas you need to develop!

  • Parent feedback conversation

For many of our students, their parents are still a driving force in their decision making. We encourage students to help us speak to your parents so that we can also get their perspectives on your career trajectory. Additionally, if you authorize us to do so, we can provide your parents with a report of your performance and do a free session / call with them to answer questions they have about your career path!

  • Full-time job opportunities and alumni network

Talerang provides access to follow-on trainings and event invitations to our alumni. Several alumni have been given speaker opportunities in our trainings. Additionally, several alums have received full-time job opportunities through the program. Our corporate partners are always on the look-out for work-ready talent and many of them turn to Talerang as their first option! Talerang also hires actively from the alumni base. Currently, ~50% of our team are alums.