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Get Work-Ready. Online.
We understand you. And how to get you to your dream job.
8 simple steps to work-ready
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Talerang Express is an online solution to India's employability crisis.
Express takes the learnings from Talerang's offline trainings and builds on the research conducted at Harvard Business School. Express brings to you our proprietary curriculum with interactive assessments and your own personal work-book to go along. We bring to you a self-paced, personalized learning approach with live sessions and feedback. Brought to you by the team that has run high quality work-readiness training for ~30,000 students from over 100 colleges and provided placements at over 100 companies.
Take our proprietary assessments
Our Work Readiness Aptitude Predictor (Step 1) brings in knowledge from our research with over 100 companies and 20,000 students. Learn more It will tell you where you stand and what areas you need to work on, both soft skills and hard skills.
Our Skill Track Selector (Step 2) helps you figure out which skills and competencies feel right for you to develop. Learn more Pick from a variety of simulated projects and ideas to decide which skill tracks you should pursue!
Undergo our specialized trainings
Our trainings set-us apart from the rest. Trainers will take you through the 6 core competencies and 1 skill-track required for you to be work-ready (Step 3)! Learn more Competencies include self-awareness, life vision, communication, working smart, first impressions and bridge to career. Interactive trainings with live participation. Learn about the specific skill-track you have chosen and what will be expected from you at your place of work. Skill-tracks range from marketing to finance to design. Meet students from across the world, ask questions and get your voice heard!
Develop your application
Once you have developed your competencies and your skill track, work on a relevant simulation project (Step 4) that gives you practical exposure to your skill area.
Develop your resume (Step 5) with support from the Talerang team. Both these documents will be showcased to potential employers.
Personalized coaching
Get feedback on your project and your resume, do a demo interview with Talerang (Step 6)!
Certificates and recommendation
Receive a certificate from Talerang and a recommendation letter with your strengths and development area (Step 7)!
Industry connect
Certified students will be connected forward to our corporate partners for internships and jobs (Step 8)!